March 24, 2018

Harvard Library Labs Announce Inaugural Projects

From a Harvard University Library Press Announcement: The Harvard community has responded with insight and imagination to a call from the University’s Library Lab to collaborate with the Harvard Library and “to serve as co-creators of the information society of the future.” With generous support from the Arcadia Fund, Harvard’s Library Lab is designed to leverage the […]

"Preserving the Online Legacy of the Egyptian Revolution"

From an Article by Alexis Madrigal on …there’s word that the Library of Alexandria is creating an archive of the transformation of Egypt, “collecting flyers, official documents, videos and so on.” But one suspects that projects native to the web will have an easier time finding and preserving all that went on at YouTube, […]

"Digital Library of Georgia Makes Civil War, Civil Rights Accessible"

From The Newnan Times-Herald: From the Civil War to Civil Rights — and on to the present — the Digital Library of Georgia chronicles the evolving relationships between black and white Georgians. While the DLG is physically located on the campus of the University of Georgia in Athens, its electronic presence is available to anybody […]

Clearwater High program putting Kindles in students' hands attracts national attention — and Shirl offers some commentary

Clearwater High program putting Kindles in students’ hands attracts national attention As experiments go, Clearwater High School’s pilot program to put a Kindle e-reader in the hands of every student, with the hope of replacing textbooks entirely, was a bold one. At stake: Can kids learn as well as they play on digital devices? Will […]

Hellman on "HarperCollins and the Suspension of eBook Disbelief", Weinberger Asks if HarperCollins Has Lost Its Mind or Soul

Another must read from the “Go to Hellman” blog. Three paragraphs from the 1300+ word blog post: The current library situation, however, does a great job of erecting an availability barrier. eBooks are so popular that in most libraries, many books have long waiting lists. Patrons are pushed towards less popular titles, which is a […]

U.S. Coast Survey Civil War Map Among First to Visualize Slavery, Influence Lincoln’s Strategy

U.S. Coast Survey Civil War Map Among First to Visualize Slavery, Influence Lincoln’s Strategy It isn’t often that a map visually displays a moral issue facing a divided nation and then affects a President’s response. Yet nearly 150 years ago, the U.S. Coast Survey — NOAA’s predecessor organization — produced such a map that, according […]

Bureau of Economic Analysis — 2011 News Release Schedule

2011 News Release Schedule A complete listing of our upcoming news releases can be found on our detailed schedule for 2011. All news releases shown on our schedule are made available as RSS feeds. Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis

Slides, Notes, and Tweets From Day Two of the 2011 Personal Digital Archiving Conference

The 2011 Personal Digital Archiving Conference at the Internet Archive in San Francisco concluded on Friday. You can find the complete conference schedule here. + Tweets from the conference are using the hashtag #pda2011. + Session Notes by Diana Wakimoto (via The Waki Librarian) Thanks Diana! Awesome job! Hat Tips & Thanks: Bill Lefurgy and […]