January 18, 2022

Resources for Educators — Introducing the Classroom Economist

Introducing the Classroom Economist

The economic education team of the Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank has developed a new online resource for teachers. Each quarter, beginning with first quarter 2011, the Classroom Economist will present information on selected economic topics for teachers to use in the classroom with their students or for professional development. The site offers video and PowerPoint content created to clarify and enhance teachers’ understanding of a core economic or Federal Reserve topic selected from the Atlanta Fed’s popular “Insights from Inside the Federal Reserve” or “Personal Finance” workshops. Lesson demonstrations and resource ideas will help teachers bring these topics to life in the classroom.

The Classroom Economist features inflation in its inaugural installment.

  • Chat with an Economist: Mike Bryan, vice president and senior economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, discusses key concepts regarding inflation in a video segment that you can use in the classroom with your students or for your own professional development.
  • Lesson Demonstration: Watch a live classroom demonstration of an inflation lesson by a master teacher, with a discussion of how the activity complements the teaching of the subject.
  • PowerPoint Lesson: Reinforce critical inflation concepts with this slide show. You can use the lesson to prepare yourself for the classroom or to teach the concepts to students.
  • Test Your Knowledge: Use this PowerPoint quiz to test your own comprehension of inflation topics or to assess your students’ learning.
  • Resources Guide: Expand your knowledge and teaching skills about inflation with these resources and lesson plans.

Source: Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta