February 22, 2018

Social media not so hot on the Hill

Social media not so hot on the Hill Rep. John Culberson has had it with all the noise on Twitter. “There’s a lot of trolls on Twitter,” the Texas Republican told POLITICO. “I just got to the point that I was sick and tired of it.” And he’s not the only one on Capitol Hill […]

Resources for Educators — Introducing the Classroom Economist

Introducing the Classroom Economist The economic education team of the Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank has developed a new online resource for teachers. Each quarter, beginning with first quarter 2011, the Classroom Economist will present information on selected economic topics for teachers to use in the classroom with their students or for professional development. The site […]

The E-Book User's Bill of Rights

The eBook User’s Bill of Rights is a statement of the basic freedoms that should be granted to all eBook users. The eBook User’s Bill of Rights Every eBook user should have the following rights: the right to use eBooks under guidelines that favor access over proprietary limitations the right to access eBooks on any […]

"Detroit Public Library to Cut 83 Workers"

From an Article in the Detroit Free Press: Facing what leaders call an unprecedented fiscal crisis, the 23-branch system plans to reduce its staff by 20%, or 83 employees, at the end of March. Library officials also are weighing branch closures and fewer hours of operation. [Clip] While library visits increased 16% over the past […]

Research Paper: Who Uses Web Search for What? And How?

by Ingmar Weber and Alejandro Jaimes, Yahoo Research From the Abstract: We analyze a large query log of 2.3 million anonymous registered users from a web-scale U.S. search engine in order to jointly analyze their on-line behavior in terms of who they might be (demographics), what they search for (query topics), and how they search […]

"Rare Historical Resources Now Online From West Texas Digital Archives"

From a DuraSpace Blog Post: The West Texas Digital Archives, an online digital repository of significant historical materials belonging to the members of the Abilene Library Consortium (ALC), is now available online at http://wtda.alc.org/. This virtual collection of more than 44,000 preserves and provides access to valuable historical resources previously unavailable to the general public. […]

Research Paper: "Who Says What to Whom on Twitter"

The paper was written by Shaomei Wu, Cornell University; Jake M. Hofman, Yahoo! Research; Winter A. Mason, Yahoo! Research; Duncan J. Watts, Yahoo! Research and will be presented at the International World Wide Web Conference (WWW ’11) at the end of March. From the Abstract: We study several longstanding questions in media communications research, in […]

Video, Complete Program: Clay Shirky Interviewed on C-SPAN + Video from "State of the Net" 2011

From a Program Summary on the C-SPAN.org Web Site: The Communicators sat down with Professor Clay Shirky at this year’s “State of the Net” conference. Given the growth of smartphones, Shirky speculates on the future ways users will be able to access the Internet and uses the political unrest across the Middle East as an […]

Digital Collection: The Ringling Collection of 19th Century Actors and Actresses

From the Homepage: The Ringling Collection is comprised of cabinet cards, postcards and photographs of American and British actors and actresses. The Collection is one of several housed in the Belknap Collection for the Performing Arts in the Smathers Libraries’ Department of Special Collections on the campus to the University of Florida (Gainesville, FL). This […]