July 4, 2015

HathiTrust Announces New Board of Governors

From MLibrary News: HathiTrust is announcing the composition of its new 12-member Board of Governors, which will lead the library collaborative into its next phase. The board, which replaces the Executive Committee that was established by the founding members in 2008, will oversee HathiTrust’s 10-million volume digital preservation repository, research center, and other initiatives. The […]

HathiTrust Posts February 2012 Activities Update

The complete Feb. 2012 Activities Update is accessible here. Here are a Few Highlights: Changes to tab-delimited metadata files Staff at Michigan added 5 new fields to HathiTrust’s tab-delimited inventory files: publication date, publication location, language, bibliographic format, and an indication of whether or not a volume has been identified as a U.S. federal government […]

PW: Guild Motion Asks for Quick Ruling on HathiTrust’s Fair Use Defense

From Publisher’s Weekly: Although the Google Book Settlement has been rejected by the court, one reason the parties were even able to reach an agreement was by avoiding the question of whether Google’s scanning of copyrighted books was a violation of fair use. The issue came up late last year when the Authors Guild led […]

Washington University Libraries Join HathiTrust Partnership

From a News Release: Washington University Libraries has joined HathiTrust, a partnership of major academic and research libraries to preserve and provide access to the published record in a digital form, announced Shirley K. Baker, Washington University’s vice chancellor for scholarly resources and dean of University Libraries. WUSTL, which joined HathiTrust Jan. 1, 2012, now […]

Milestones: The HathiTrust Collection Passes 10 Million Volumes

Congrats and Kudos to the Entire HT Team! From an HT Blog Post: HathiTrust reached a major milestone on January 5, 2012, exceeding 10 million volumes in its digital collections. More than 2.7 million of these volumes are in the public domain, with viewing and downloading options available online. The blog post ALSO contains multiple […]

OPACs: Major Melvyl Enhancements Coming in January

From the California Digital Library Blog: Two exciting new features enhancing Melvyl will be turned on in Melvyl beginning this January: View Now and Central Index…OPS [UC Heads of Public Schools] recommended to the new Melvyl Advisory Group (MAG) that these be activated in a pilot phase from January through June 2012. [Clip] The “View […]

"Remembering the Rights of Others" by Peter Brantley

In his latest PW post, Peter Brantley discusses the National Federation for the Blind filing to become a defendant in the Author’s Guild v. HathiTrust lawsuit. He writes: It seems to me that in the AG’s aggressive pursuit of the copyrights of their membership, they have forgotten that rights might have been created for others. […]

Latest Edition of HathiTrust Monthly Activity Update Now Online

The November 2011 HathiTrust Activity Update was released today. A PDF version is also available. Here are just a few highlight from the update: Boston College Joins HathiTrust New on HT Site: “Our Research Center”  Expansion of “Buy a Copy” The “Buy a copy” option has now been expanded to include over 30,000 public domain […]

HathiTrust Defendants File Answers and Response with Court

Authors Guild v. HathiTrust Full Text of Answers Response Filing (25 pages; PDF via The Public Index) Document is dated December 3, 2011. Professor James Grimmelmann has several tweets (dated December 3, 2011) with facts and analysis. He notes that an order has been entered that says that an AG v. HT trial is set […]

New: HathiTrust Update: October 2011 Now Online

Direct to October 2011 Update ||| PDF Version Here are a Few (ONLY A FEW) Highlights From the Update: “Maliaca Oxnam, an Associate Librarian from the University of Arizona, and current Chair of the Technical Report Archive and Image Library (http://www.technicalreports.org), has engaged a sabbatical research project with the goal of improving access to government […]