July 4, 2015

Standards: NISO Seeks Public Comment on Draft of Recommended Practice, PIE-J: Presentation & Identification of E-Journals

From a Summary by the National Library of Medicine: The National Library of Medicine, the world’s largest medical library and a component of the National Institutes of Health, has a deep interest in the publishing models used by scientific journals, from the viewpoints of practical and efficient use of titles that are indexed for MEDLINE, […]

Digital Preservation: 480 New Volumes Added to LOCKSS Digital Library and Now Available to LOCKSS Alliance Members

Along with the 480 new volumes, material from 2 new publishers and 10 new titles are now included in LOCKSS. The digital library is now home to more than 9,000 e-journal titles from 510 publishers. You can learn more here and also review a spreadsheet (XLS) with a list of titles and participating publishers. A […]

New Conference Paper: "Unbundling the Big Deal with Patron Driven Acquisition of e-Journals"

This paper will be presented at the World Library and Information Congress: 77th IFLA General Conference and Assembly on August 17, 2011. Title: “Unbundling the Big Deal with Patron Driven Acquisition of e-Journals” (9 Pages; PDF) Authors: Maureen Weicher and Tian Xiao Zhang (St. John’s University Library, Queens, NY, USA) Abstract: Many academic libraries subscribed […]