October 17, 2017

New Research Resource: The Social Welfare History Image Portal (Ephemera from Women’s Suffrage, Temperance, Civil Rights and Other Social Movements)


From Virginia Commonwealth University: Sheet music for the suffragists’ rallying song “Votes for Women.” A Superboy comic PSA from the 1950s extolling the virtues of public education. A Victrola ad from 1920 suggesting that community singing would bring immigrants “into the fold of American citizenry.” A temperance movement handbill warning that alcohol is the “Fluid […]

LSU Libraries Develops New Platform For Louisiana Digital Library, Based on Islandora Open-Source Software

From Louisiana State University (LSU) Libraries: The LSU Libraries has developed a new online platform for the Louisiana Digital Library (LDL). Based on the open-source Islandora digital library software, the LSU Libraries Technology Initiatives team developed the updates to include enhanced features, allowing for greater access and discovery to the 171 collections of the LDL. […]

IEEE Spectrum Publishes Special Section Devoted to Understanding Blockchain

The special section is titled “Blockchain World” and includes 10 articles and one video. From the Blockchain World Website: When Bitcoin was unleashed on the world, it filled a specific need. But it wasn’t long before people realized the technology behind Bitcoin—the blockchain—could do much more than record monetary transactions. That realization has lately blossomed […]

Research Article: “Science and its Significant Other: Representing the Humanities in Bibliometric Scholarship” (Preprint)

The following article (preprint) was recently shared by the authors on arXiv. Title Science and its Significant Other: Representing the Humanities in Bibliometric Scholarship Authors Thomas Franssen Leiden University Paul Wouters Leiden University Source via arXiv October 11, 2017 Abstract Bibliometrics offers a particular representation of science. Through bibliometric methods a bibliometrician will always highlight […]

University of Washington’s Health Sciences Library Invests in New Virtual Reality Lab

From The Daily of the University of Washington: “What would a medical library look like 20-25 years from now?” Tania Bardyn, director of the Health Sciences Library, asked. “Will it have stacks? Probably not. Do researchers find it of value? They do, because frankly, it’s a data space and a place for driving innovation and […]

What’s New on Congress.gov This Month? (New Data and Search Options Available)

From the Congress.gov Enhancements Page (October 2017): New Data Collection – Communications to the House First public release of Communications to the House. Collection dates from January 6, 2015 (114th Congress) to the present, it includes Requirements records active since August 1, 2016. Search the collection from Homepage Main search or Query Builder advanced search tools. Example searches: From Homepage, select […]

Lead System Architect Erick Peirson Provides First Overview About arXiv’s Next Generation Architecture Project (Classic Renewal)

From a Blog Post by Erick Peirson on the arXiv Blog: Since I joined the arXiv IT team as lead software architect in June, I’ve been working hard to pull back the proverbial curtain and take stock of how the sausage is made, and to synthesize the team’s aspirations and expertise for the arXiv Next Generation (arXiv-NG) project. We’ve […]

GPO: Laurie Hall Named Superintendent of Documents, Has Been Serving as Acting Superintendent Since April 2016


Here’s the Full Text of a Statement From the Government Publishing Office: U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) Director Davita Vance-Cooks names Laurie Hall the Superintendent of Documents. She has been serving as Acting Superintendent of Documents since April 2016. “Laurie has done a tremendous job serving in the acting role and I congratulate her on […]

News Roundup

1. Coming Soon: Princeton Scholarship Online is Set to Launch This Month (via Oxford University Press) The initial launch includes more than 400 new and backlist titles across anthropology, biology, economics, history, mathematics, physics, political science, religion, and sociology. 2. ProQuest: Taylor & Francis Adds 6,000 Ebooks to Academic Complete 3. NIH Center of Scientific […]

On ORCID’s Fifth Birthday (Today) New Education and Outreach Resources Begin to Rollout


From an ORCID Blog Post by Laura Wilkinson: As part of ORCID’s fifth birthday celebrations, we’re delighted to announce the launch of our new ORCID education and outreach resources! Thanks to our second Helmsley grant, we have been able to completely overhaul our resources for users, creating a new, up-to-date range of tools for users […]