December 14, 2017

New Data From Nature Index: Top Corporate Research Partnerships with Academic or Government Labs

From Nature Index:  New data from the Nature Index show that as corporations have scaled back their own in-house research, there has been a surge in collaboration with academic and government research bodies, as they look to share the burden of scientific discovery. Previous research has shown that the long-term decline in corporate scientific output – […]

Researchers at MIT “Devise Better Recommendation Algorithm”

From MIT News: The recommendation systems at websites such as Amazon and Netflix use a technique called “collaborative filtering.” To determine what products a given customer might like, they look for other customers who have assigned similar ratings to a similar range of products, and extrapolate from there. The success of this approach depends vitally […]

Online Images From Harry Ransom Center (U. of Texas) & University of Virginia Library Digital Collections Now Available via International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF)

From the Ransom Center Announcement: More than 50,000 images in the Ransom Center’s digital collections portal are now available via the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF). [Clip] The Center’s adoption of IIIF means that its images and descriptive metadata are now instantly sharable with other IIIF-enabled digital image collections such as the British Library, the […]

Public Libraries: “Missouri Library Association Wants Autonomy on Firearms Decisions”

From the Columbia Missourian: Although state law allows people to legally carry guns into public libraries, the people who run those libraries hope to have their own say. Almost all local governments or political subdivisions, except public library districts, have the option to choose whether to allow firearms on the premises. Vicky Baker, president of […]

News Roundup (December 6, 2017)

1.  Open Citations: A Letter From the Scientometric Community to Scholarly Publishers (via  International Society for Informetrics and Scientometrics (ISSI)) 2.  ARL Urges International Federation of Library Associations to Consider Civil Liberties in Conference Site Selection 3. Oops! Apparent Google Update Glitch Disconnects Student Chromebooks In Schools Across The U.S. 4. Caroline Brazier, The British Library’s Chief […]

Library Publishing Coalition (LPC) Releases 2018 Library Publishing Directory, Searchable Online Version Also Available (For the First Time)


From the Library Publishing Coalition Blog: This year’s Library Publishing Directory highlights the publishing activities of 125 academic and research libraries, and is openly available in PDF and EPUB format. The Directory illustrates the many ways in which libraries are actively transforming and advancing scholarly communications in partnership with scholars, students, university presses, and others. [Clip] As of launch, […]

Still No Deal: “Hundreds of German Universities Set to Lose Access to Elsevier Journals”

From Nature: Around 200 German universities will lose their subscriptions to Elsevier journals within weeks, because negotiations have failed to end a long-term contract dispute. [Clip] “There is no doubt that what the German universities are asking for is the direction of travel for scholarly publishing,” says Paul Ayris, pro-vice-provost of library services at University […]

Repositories: OpenAIRE-Advance Launches Next Month

From the OpenAIRE Blog: Repositories forming a distributed global knowledge network have the potential to promote the transformation of the scholarly communication ecosystem and advance the OA scholarly communication infrastructure towards a “scholarly commons “. One of the barriers is a lack of web-based integration with other innovative scholarly services. There is a clear need […]

New Resource: Researchers Launch “Explore Apollo” Moon Mission Audio Site


From the University of Texas at Dallas: NASA recorded thousands of hours of audio from the Apollo lunar missions, yet most of us have only been able to hear the highlights. The agency recorded all communications between the astronauts, mission control specialists and back-room support staff during the historic moon missions in addition to Neil Armstrong’s […]

Hong Kong’s First Public Library Powered Self-Service Print Book Vending Machine Opens, Two More Machines Planned

From the South China Morning Post: The words are on the street after Hong Kong’s public libraries operator opened the city’s first self-service book station on Tuesday. Readers can now borrow from 300 books on the shelves of the vending machine-style station – which is located at Sai Wan Ho in the east of Hong […]