April 30, 2017

Legal: New Decision in Georgia State University E-Reserves Case Released

From Krista Cox at the Association of Research Libraries: On March 31, 2016, the District Court for the Northern District of Georgia released its opinion on remand in the Georgia State University e-reserves case, Cambridge University Press v. Becker. [Clip] On remand, the district court considered 48 infringement claims and revisited the fair use assertions by Georgia State […]

ARL Releases Brief About Recent Appellate Court Decision in Georgia St. University E-Reserves Case

From a Post by Krista Cox on the Association of Research Libraries Web Site: ARL has released an issue brief about the recent US Court of Appeals decision in the Georgia State University (GSU) case concerning the use of excerpts of academic books for electronic course reserves. The issue brief—“Fair Use Decision Making Post–Georgia State” (PDF)—summarizes […]

E-Reserves: Library Copyright Alliance (ALA, ARL, and ACRL) Files Amicus Brief in Georgia State University Appeal

The amicus brief was filed today by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) on behalf of the Library Copyright Alliance (ALA, ARL, and ACRL). The full text is brief is embedded below or available here. A summary of the brief can be found in this EFF blog post. GSU Amicus Brief Filed by Library Copyright Alliance […]

Copyright: U.S. Department of Justice Will Not Be Commenting in GSU E-Reserves Case

According to a new report from The Chronicle of Higher Education, the U.S. DOJ will not be filing a comment with a friend of the court brief in the Georgia State University copyright case. The U.S. Department of Justice has decided not to file an amicus curiae brief in a high-profile copyright case involving Georgia […]

Library Copyright Alliance (ACRL, ALA, ARL) and Others Files Amicus Briefs in Two Fair Use Cases

Case #A From Krista Cox, Director of Public Policy Initiatives at ARL: ARL joined ALA, ACRL and the Internet Archive in filing an amicus brief in Capitol Records v. ReDigi, currently before the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, arguing that other existing limitations and exceptions can tilt the first fair use factor (character of […]

University of Michigan Library I.T. Division Creates Drupal-Based Course Reserves Tool

From the U. of Michigan Library “Tech Talk” Blog: University of Michigan Library Operations staff at the Shapiro Undergraduate, Fine Arts, Music, Art, Architecture & Engineering, and Taubman libraries recently started using a new tool to capture and manage Course Reserves requests from faculty. Though reserves requests are on the decline in general as more materials […]

Digital Course Materials: ProQuest Acquires SIPX

From Today’s Announcement: ProQuest (through its affiliate Bowker) has acquired Palo Alto-based SIPX, creator of a digital course materials solution that addresses a variety of copyright and costs concerns for universities. SIPX eliminates duplicate spending on course packs (collections of assigned readings) by connecting students to materials already purchased and available to them through their […]

ARL: “Publishers File Motion to Reopen Record in GSU Electronic Reserves Case; GSU Opposes.”

Krista Cox, ARL’s Director of Public Policy Initiatives, Writes: Following the Eleventh Circuit’s reversal and remand of the Georgia State University (GSU) e-reserves case in which the court largely rejected many arguments advanced by the publisher plaintiffs, the publishers have now filed a motion to reopen the record. Essentially the publishers are asking for evidence […]

Appellate Court Reverses District Court Judgment in Publishers v. Georgia State U. Fair Use Case

Note; Since Our First Post About the Court’s Decision We’ve Updated With Several Items about the Court’s Ruling. All Links are in the UPDATE Section Below. Duke University Scholarly Communications Officer Kevin Smith shares the breaking news and some initial analysis of today’s appellate court [U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit, Atlanta] ruling in […]

Borrow Instead of Purchase: Two Universities and One College Pilot “Textbook Reserve” Programs

From Inside Higher Ed: Robert Morris University, in Pennsylvania, the University of Texas at San Antonio, and Patrick Henry College, in Virginia, have all started a textbook reserve — essentially a library from which students can borrow required texts. “This was the brainchild of an honors class,” said John Michalenko, vice president for student life […]